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Our Process

step 1

Market Research

We spend hours doing market research to find out everything about your product, service, industry, clients, systems, and operations to ensure we develop the most profitable strategy.

Offer Creation

We build you a custom strategy and turn that into an Irresistible offer

Copy & Creatives

Custom copy and creatives are a must for each and every client. We develop copy and edit creatives perfectly to match and sell that irrestiable offer.

step 2

Landing Page Development

We then take that irresistible offer and custom copy and creatives to build high-converting landing pages around that offer

Ad Build Out

After our market research, offer creation, copy & creative development, and bringing it all together it’s finally time to launch the ads and so you can begin seeing the sales and traffic pour in.

step 3

CRM w/ Email and SMS
Follow up

We don’t stop there, to top it off your accounts come with a complimentary Go High Level CRM that contains built-in Email & SMS follow-up sequences certain to bring you and your clients on an amazing purchase journey.

step 4

We scale to new hights

After testing everything we just spoke about above it’s time to duplicate what’s working and get rid of what’s not working. It’s time to put more ad spend towards what’s working to 10x your business revenue.

2 months of paid ads FREE when you pay annually.

All prices in US Dollars.

About ClickLine Digital

Learn how our Google & Website solutions can help your business

ClickLine Digital is a small business that specializes in Paid Advertising on Google platforms as well as building killer lead generation systems certain to turn more leads into customers. We also build beautiful, high-converting WordPress & Shopify Websites & Online Stores.

Learn how our team of trusted Google Advertisers & WordPress Developers can help

What we do

Google Search Ads

Run Google Search Ads today and find clients actively searching for your product or service.

Google Shopping Ads

Like search ads but strictly e-commerce focused, get more sales by targeting people actively searching for your products today.

Youtube Ads

Have great video content? Run ads on youtube and become an authority in your niche.

Website Design & Dev

We build amazing, beautiful, high-converting websites and online stores on WordPress and Shopify.

Landing Page Design & Dev

We build Landing pages that are certain to turn each visitor into a converting Sale.


Work with our team of experts for a full-service digital marketing approach to turn your small business into an empire.


What platforms do you run Ads on?

We run Google search Ads, google shopping Ads, and YouTube Ads.

What included with your advertising services?

All of our advertising services are backed up with a powerful Email/SMS follow-up system with your own CRM to make the most out of everyone of your leads

Why don’t you run Google display Ads?

We don’t believe in running Google display Ads because we believe your money would be worth better well spent on another platform, Google Display Networks are known to have a very low conversion rate, either because they target people who do not have money to spend, or because they show in a location that simply annoys users like apps where that are almost always ignored.

What platforms do you build websites on?

We build websites on WordPress and Shopify.

How does the website hosting work?

Once we build, a website hosting is billed separately by either Hostinger, Host Gator, GoDaddy, or Shopify

How much does Ad spend cost & how is it billed?

Ad spend is billed separately by whatever platform we are running Ads on.  Ad spending varies depending on the package you decide to go with. You can start with as low as $1,000 in ad spend per month and work with as much as $100,000+ a month in ad spend

How much do your services cost?

How much do your services cost?
We have set pricing for all of our services, and they depend on what amount of ads been you are using. Find more information on